Fall Inspiration - Pumpkin Spice Festival


Favorite Books, Movies and Magazines

Books:The Ashley's - Lip Gloss Jungle Author: Melissa de la Cruz
The Perfect Man Author; Jenny Markas ( based on the movie )
Goodbye Hollywood Nobody Author: Lisa Samson
The Darlings in Love Author: Melissa Kantor
Enthusiasm Author: Polly Shulman

Magazines:Teen-Vogue Vogue Seventeen Cosmogirl 16 Girls Life
Movies:Nancy Drew
The Notebook
Pride & Prejudice
Dolphin-Tale & Dolphin Tale 2
Pitch Perfect & Pitch Perfect 2 & Pitch Perfect 3
Legally Blonde & Red Blue and Blonde

* P.S. All of these are my own opinions. I am not paid to suggest or sell these products to you. I hope you enjoy,

Massie Block



I am looking for role play characters (Alicia,Dylan,Claire,Kristen,Derrick{a boy!},Skye,etc.) to join me as we role play The Clique.  Down below is what the requirements are to join and enter.  Hope you get the spot you wanted!,

Massie Block



1) List your name, age and birth date + email(so I can send you a birthday message!)

2) Which character you want to role play

3) Favorite Clique book

4) When your available

5) Why you want to join
That's all the requirements! I hope you will enter and get the spot you wanted.

Massie Block

What to Pack in your Purse/ Bag

1. Sunglasses - Chanel 
2. Bottle of Water - Evian
3. Snack (example:granola or protein bar)
4. Wallet w/ cash & credit cards 
5. 3 Glossip Girl Lip Glosses
6. Mini bottle of Lotion
7. ID & Keys
8. Pack of Tissues
9. Hand Sanitizer
10. Evian Face Mist
11. Lip Balm
12. 2 Bottles of Nail Polish
13. Pack of gum

Hope this helped you out packing your purses!

Loser's Beyond Repair Schedule

Dear Loser'sBeyondRepair's,I have made a schedule for you to follow,day and night,Monday through Friday.I will be watching you! -------------------------------------------------------- 5:40 AM - Wake up,brush hair,brush teeth
5:55 AM - Yoga in cabana(outside or inside),drink water or a protein shake
6:15 AM - Wash face,take shower,eat a quick high fiber breakfast
6:45 AM - Brush teeth again,put on makeup,change into pre-picked outfit
6:57 AM - Put shoes on,Pack purse,Finish touches
7:04 AM - Time to leave for school(if you leave later or earlier,fast-forward to when you do leave.)
7:35 AM through 3:00 PM - Learn at OCD -------------------------------------------------------- 3:40 PM - Drop girls off,arrive at estate
3:45 PM - Grab a healthy snack,start HW
4:05 PM - Pack up bag,Make bed,do chores
4:55 PM - Watch Netflix,YouTube,check AIM,email,blaw-g,etc.
5:45 PM - Take bean for nightly walk *jot down the C.S.O.T.U.
6:15 PM - Eat dinner w/ family,feed bean
7:10 PM - Take a long,bubble bath,tak…